THe Plan/Ministry teams Blueprint

The Master's Plan for Puget Sound

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Blueprint an overview with both the shared and the unique ministry focus of each ministry team. 

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PSBA Annual Meeting, October 11, 2011

“The Master’s Plan for Puget Sound” Ministry Teams Blueprint

Eighty pastors participated in discussions developing, affirming and committing to the following ongoing blueprint for the Puget Sound Baptist Association in 2006.

The key outcome for…


All Ministry Teams and Partners: cooperative, non territorial and shared missional ministry that is process oriented, making wise use of resources and programs.

Administrative Team Leader: Executive Director, Ron Shepard; Members: Kevin Sullivan, Don Turner, Gary Irby, Jim Anderson.

Shared Concurrent Ministry Expectations:  

  • Becoming Missional
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Mobilizing Volunteers
  • Evangelism

Leadership Development Team:

Catalytic local church leadership councils who serve with the churches through a thoroughly biblical prayer and teaching ministry.

Unique Ministry Focus:

Church Planting Team:

A significant and growing number of church planters, particularly indigenous, who successfully plant new local and global churches that become church planting churches.

Unique Ministry Focus:

Our church planting information can all be found @


Church Strengthening Team:

An unprecedented and growing number of local church disciplers of disciplers who serve in the areas of their strengths and passions.


Unique Ministry Focus:

  • Church Revitalization
  • Collegiate Ministry
  • Social Ministry
  • Balanced Church Health
  • Summer Children’s Ministries
  • Bible Study Groups


Ethnic Leadership Team:

Awareness, respect, understanding and welcoming of all people groups within and among all PSBA churches.

Unique Ministry Focus:

  • Cross Cultural PSBA Partnerships
  • Ethnic/Racial Stereotyping
  • People Group Assessments and Training
  • Global Missions