Listen, Learn, and Lead

PSBA Annual Conference and Meeting

Please click here for a PDF copy of the public 2023 Book of Reports. If you need access to the financial reports, please reach out to the PSBA office.

The 2023 meeting featured local PSBA pastors as presenters and a streamlined schedule with more time for connection, plus praying over retired pastors and our new Impact Leaders.

Here are some thoughts with a scripture and prayer foundation...

Listeners remember details, and pick out important information to understand complex situations before making up their minds.


Readiness for learning makes for trustworthy leaders.

Leaders are effective in helping people towards their best interests, which are sometimes in opposition to their preferences.

Dave Elliff led the session on listening that demonstrates care and humility. Andrew Fouché led the session, learning to wait on God as a good follower before leading. Carlos and Paola Rodriguez brought a message on leading with principles that removes barriers and includes a strategy of what not to do.

Please see below for videos of all of our presenters as well as Ron's Executive Director's report and our time spent in prayer over retired pastors Jim Dunn and Scott Brewer and our new Impact Leaders Andrew Fouché, Carlos Rodriguez, and Daniel Englehart.